Trade Services

Indiana Export Program


By enrolling in the Indiana Export Program, clients will have immediate access to a suite of trade services, including:


Market Research

World Trade Center Indianapolis provides custom reports for clients entering new markets. Learn more about how the World Trade Center Indianapolis can help your team with new markets.


Product Review

World Trade Center Indianapolis reviews client products to ensure each product is prepared and compliant with the selected market. During the product review, the business receives the follow for each of their selected products:

  • Product Classifications

    • Each product is classified for the client according to the standards set by the United States Department of Commerce, the United States Census Bureau, the World Trade Organization, and any local classifications required in the selected market.

  • Product Registrations

    • World Trade Center Indianapolis educates the client about the registration requirements for their products in the selected market, and if necessary, will file the appropriate paperwork to have the product registered.

  • Trademark Review

    • Each product is reviewed for trademark requirements which ensures the intellectual property of the client is protected prior to any introduction of the product in a selected market.

  • Regulation Review

    • Each product is checked against local regulations governing the industry and product to determine the feasibility of each product entering a selected market.  

  • Labeling Requirements

    • The product labels are reviewed to meet the selected market’s requirements. Additionally, labeling is reviewed for cultural standards and recommendations may be made to the labeling to ensure it meets the regulations and marketing requirements for the selected market’s culture.

  • Pricing Strategy

    • A product pricing strategy is established to competitively position the product in the market, and establish profitability of operations for the client.

Export Planning

World Trade Center Indianapolis develops an export plan for each business to increase your chance of success on the international market. During the export planning process, each business receives an overview of different aspects of their product and business in the following areas:

  • Product Review

  • Product Classification

  • Pricing Assistance

  • Promotion and Logistics Planning

  • Management Requirements

  • Trade Experience Review

  • Personnel Planning

  • Operational and Financial Capacity Review

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