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Trade Consulting


WTC Indianapolis provides one-on-one trade consulting in all things global trade to better prepare regional business operations for the global market and help reduce the risk for businesses to enter the market. Through our trade team and third-party specialists, small and mid-sized enterprises receive assistance in the development export or import plans, regulatory and legal hurdles, IP protections, logistics and shipping, partner identification, trade financing, and trade disputes.


Trade Desk Assistance

Clients receive support from trade specialists to help resolve any questions regarding regulations, data collection, referral options, and trade operations.


Call +1 (317) 721-1545 at any hour to access the World Trade Center Indianapolis trade desk.


Export Planning

WTC Indianapolis develops an export plan for your business to increase the chance of sustainable success in the global marketplace, working with our trade specialists to bring your business plan in line with new goals for global trading. Each export plan consists of the following:


  • Product Review

  • Product Classification

  • Pricing Assistance

  • Promotion and Logistics Planning

  • Management Requirements

  • Trade Experience Review

  • Personnel Planning

  • Operational and Financial Capacity Review

Legal Services

Our trade consultation services feature basic legal support to protect your brand, negotiate trade terms, and monitor product regulations and ensures compliance. If more complex matters arise, we will refer your company to qualified attorneys with a depth of experience in international business.


Intellectual Property and Trademark Protections

Protecting client intellectual property (IP) is a priority for the World Trade Center Indianapolis. Each product trademark and IP are reviewed to ensure the security of client IP. World Trade Center Indianapolis assesses IP risk for each market and ensures all trademarks are secure prior to market engagement.


Report a Trade Grievance

In the unfortunate event that a foreign company or government engages in illegal or unethical behavior, we will help your company file a formal complaint with the United States government.


To report a trade grievance, please contact Travis Spotts ( or visit

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