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Trade Promotion & Connectivity

Market Research

WTC Indy assists your business in conducting market research to identify primary and secondary markets specifically for your products and services. Based on your business objectives, WTC Indy works with your team to identify opportunities and provide the underlying market data to create a successful global strategy based on specific market dynamics.

Distributor Searches

WTC Indy helps your team identify distribution channels for your products. Our network provides your business with safe and reliable distribution partners to help deliver your products to the customer and create sustained sales for you and your team.

Sourcing Identification

Identifying international partners to help supply your growing business can be time consuming and costly. WTC Indy works with your team to identify sourcing needs to lower your cost of goods sold. Let WTC scour the globe using our established worldwide network to identify products, allowing your team to focus directly on the business at home.

Reference Checks

Trust and relationships are the foundation of any great business partnership. WTC Indy works with our partners at 318 World Trade Centers around the world to conduct background checks and verify potential international partners, minimizing your businesses risk exposure. WTC Indy leverages over one million WTCA-affiliated companies globally to ensure your business connects with reputable companies who will be great business partners that advance your business interests in their market.

Trade Show Representation

WTC Indy provides stand-in representation for your business at trade shows all across the globe.

Trade Missions

WTC Indy works with our partners to plan and participate in both inbound and outbound trade missions with select markets to ensure you get the meetings you need to be successful in foreign markets.